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The update of my channel

Posted by Romerusthecat - 3 weeks ago

Hello everybody, i got really bad news. there is a new law that FTC make for you tube. It called  COPPA ( Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ) i was thought that was a good idea because I can go back my old time i do again. but when i read more. i was wrong about COPPA. there Is 3 option on Youtube studio. if i pick made for kids. they will remove ads, comment, and notification bell, If I pick the not kids one. Its just same. if I pick the wrong option not is not for kids or is kids. i have to paid $43,000 per video. imagined of 10 or 100 videos. that will be ruined many youtubers and even smaller one. so i made a hard choices to save my backup video and unlisted most of them. you will still see same of it. I not sure if it really happened. I hope youtube will change it. if not in 2020. I going to miss my old and new you tuber that i like (i think they will move to twitch. I don't know). I will upload my old video if we save the youtube. if not. i will keep going. i know i going to quit you tube if it change the new law. I am not going to quit my talent. I thing i going to do a streaming like art,games,and a lot of stuff. i Dont know where should i put that i made other one. i will try to find a good place for it. I sorry its happen to my channel. only thing i want to say about youtube. youtube it about any type of video we liked. youtube is now turning into companytube. only thing we have is our voice that need to be stopped before it happened. im worry about the future of you tube. and i worry about my friends and other youtubers.

this is our chance to stop FTC ruining youtube website. here the link to save Family-Friendly Content or tell FTC that we don't want this


So my last one i going to said if we lost by FTC. i want to thank all of you that sub to my channel, help me to get better, and always support me. i couldn't done all my video without all of you. i know its not the same without you tube. i know that someday. someone will make a new home for all youtuber that make us happy. i will update for more about it.

-Romerus the cat